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Is Your Body Really Protected? Insights For Healthy Living!

That is a very important question every one of us should be asking on a daily basis. Your body is in the process of ingesting from the minute you are born, to the day you die.

In this day and age, with all the smog, smoke, chemicals, airborne viruses, and allergies, do you consider the air that you breathe to be safe and beneficial to your body? You need to be astutely aware and well informed about everything you ingest.

Water is a vital necessity to life. We should be drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day. I can tell you, with certainty, that the water that comes out of your tap is definitely not safe. I have tested tap water, and what I have seen will literally make you sick. Many diseases are traced back to our drinking water. Please don’t drink tap or bottled water; drink water that is purified by Reverse Osmosis.

Stay informed with Insights for Healthy Living!

Is the food you consume on a regular basis really safe and effective for your body in a positive way. Considering all the chemicals, additives, substitutes, preservatives, fillers and hormones that are being put into our meats, fruits and vegetables… I don’t think so. The only healthy choice is organic and natural supplementation. Even then you need to stay educated. Please start reading labels, and the ingredients of what you are putting into your body.

Our skin is also an essential avenue of ingestion. There are so many fancy oils, creams, gels and lotions out on the market today. If you will take the time to read the ingredients; very few are pure, natural and safe for your body. Here is another tip… If you are using Pure Filtered Healthy Water; your body will produce it’s own oils. Your skin will feel smooth as velvet. (More Healthy Insights)

Have you ever considered this… Everything that you allow your eyes to see: TV Commercials, Movies, Billboards, Bumper Stickers, Magazines, Books and the Internet, is constantly being ingested and becoming one with your body.

Think about your ears… What are you listening to on a regular basis? Radio, Music, CD’s, conversations, etc. You need to stay well informed to discern good from evil.

You are a very precious commodity, and your body is The Temple of the Lord. It is never too late to start treating your body like a temple. When treated with Love and Care; your body has the unique ability to naturally heal itself.

Do not put it off! Start today! Choose to apply these insights and keep your body protected and healthy.

I have enjoyed sharing this vital information with you, and will be providing more Insights for Healthy Living. Because I know you value your health; you must read my future posts.

My Passion is to keep you well informed… To help you live a Healthy Life!

Benefits About Healthy Living and Exercise

About healthy living and exercise are just two benefits that will help you to lose weight. Diet and exercise are like ingredients to help make up a recipe, you need them both to help you lose weight. There are many types of diets and exercise programs to choose from that it is best to talk them over with your doctor first.

Exercise is a key factor is staying healthy. Regular healthy living can help prevent obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. Regular exercise can help lose weight, or control it, help chronic arthritis suffers improve on their daily living activities such as driving, working, climbing stairs, and opening letters, jars, or folding laundry. About healthy living and exercise will in turn help increase self-esteem and self-confidence, decreases stress and anxious moments. Exercise will also improve on your general mental health and enhance your mood.

Another factor is to help you stay healthy is your diet, which will also help you to lose weight. Generally, drink lots of water at least 8 glasses a day, limit sugar, salt intake, alcohol and smoking cigarettes. Try to avoid soda, caffeine, fried foods, cakes, and cookies and snack foods, fattening foods that put on weight and eat nutritious foods that are good for you such as adding fiber, vegetables, beans, nuts and whole grain products to your diet. Eat small meals and often throughout the day, rather than three big meals. Eat slowly to enjoy your meal instead of rushing through it. These benefits about healthy living and exercise will help you lose weight naturally.

About diet and exercise together is the proper way to lose weight and stay healthy. Regular exercise will help you feel better and aid a lot of ailments such as stress and anxiety. Proper nutrition, cutting down on calories, eating small meals and exercise regularly will give you more energy and to help you lose the weight.

Healthy Living and Exercise in Your Daily Regimen

You have probably heard that laughter is the best medicine and it is true. If you want to know what the best advice for healthy living and exercise is I say it is to laugh as often as you can. You can build years onto your life with happiness and laughter.

Laughter releases chemicals into your body naturally that elevates your happy factor. Okay I am not a doctor but have read what a lot of doctors have studied. Patients are reported to heal faster with the ability to laugh while they are enduring pain or illness.

Laughing is not a way of avoiding an issue but it is a way to enjoy your life no matter what is going on. It helps you attitude and helps you avoid depression that happens quite often in people who do not feel well. You will find that it helps you from being stressed and protects you from getting sick.

Taking in a healthy diet will also help your laugh factor. Eating a lot of processed foods can bring you to a sugar low making you feel like you need more. It is an addiction for many and they crave it like heroin.

Stick with whole grains as much as possible when you are at home and out on the town. Get healthy and laugh your way all the way to a healthier you whom may have lost a couple of dress sizes in the process. This is a nice addition to the pluses you are already receiving.

A great way to combine laughter and exercise is to download a comedy routine that you like onto your iPod or MP3 player. As you run or walk to step on an elliptical machine at the gym you can listen to your favorite comedian. It will also make the time go by faster as you listen which is a double bonus.