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The Hunza Nation – Living Long Healthy Lives At High Altitudes

The Hunza Environment

The Hunza nation, living at 9000 feet in the Himalayas, has been studied for many years to find out the secrets of their health and longevity, not being uncommon for them to live well beyond 100 years up into the 120′s. Some have lived pass 140 years old. Men have fathered children in their 90′s, having practically no disease among them.

In 1921, a British physician presented a report after seven years of studying the Hunzas, and determined that they were a simple people with pure nutrition, pure water, no toxins, daily exercise, fresh air, sunshine, rest, and lived stress free lives.

Both men and women when in their 80′s looked like, and had the stamina of 40 year olds. They would walk sixty miles in a day through mountainous territory and look as if they just took a morning walk.

These people for centuries have been cut off from modern civilization due to their location, getting up and going to bed with the sun, having no modern conveniences, growing their own food without chemicals – only natural compost, living twice as long as people in the modern world.

The Hunza Diet

Let’s take a look at the diet of the Hunzas and see what and how they eat to stay so healthy and disease free.

Amazingly, they only eat two meals per day. The first meal at noon, yet they arise at 5 a. m. What does this tell us? The food they eat was so nutritious they only needed to eat twice daily, not eating for pleasure, but for health and strength.

Every thing they eat was natural, having a large part of their diet made up of grains such as; barley, millet, buckwheat and wheat.

Fruits and Vegetables

They also eat fruits and vegetables on a regular basis, mostly fresh and raw, some vegetables cooked for a short period of time, and lots of nuts. Some times the entire meal consisted of only nuts.

Apricots being a favorite in the Hunzas diet, were eaten fresh in season and dried in the sun to be eaten year around. (Three and one half ounces of apricots equals 11,000 units of vitamin A, more than twice the daily recommendation. Apricots also contain high amounts of iron, potassium and natural fiber.)


Nuts are very nutritious and provide lots of energy, containing fat, carbohydrates and protein. Nuts such as, almonds and walnuts are good for heart health. Nuts are also high in calories. One bag of nuts, 16 ounces, supplies about 2400 calories. Nuts also contain antioxidants, and are a good fiber source. They provide Omega 3 fatty acids, the good fats, which are also found in fish.

Dairy Foods and Meat

Milk and cheese are good sources of animal protein for the Hunzas. They do eat some meat, mostly chicken cooked in stews. They eat very little beef or mutton, usually eating meat about once a week.

Yogurt is a very important part of their diets, providing good bacteria, which is essential for health and long life.


The Hunzas baked their own breads from whole grains, leaving all the vitamins and minerals in tact.

The Hunza Compromise

Up until the 1970′s the Hunzas were some of the most healthy people on earth, until an all-weather road was built to the Hunza nation. In time, modern unhealthy foods were introduced to them. With in six months of eating western foods the Hunzas began to be effected in their health and well-being, going from a disease free people, who did not know the common cold, to a people who now face the same sicknesses and diseases as the modern world. This is disheartening to see a people, so healthy and strong, be compromised because the western world’s diet of today.

Long Life Possible Today

However, there is a way to live free from the sicknesses and diseases on the earth today. The Hunzas have proved it to be true. They are not some special people, but people who did what was necessary to live long and strong.

God said that man shall live long and satisfied lives on earth. He is the God that changes not. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

In order for this to happen, man must eat the foods that God has chosen and drink pure water. He said that He would bless our bread and water and take sickness from the midst of his people, that we may serve him.

It is good to take an example from the Hunzas, yet, why not study the Bible concerning how to eat to live long and healthy lives on the earth. I encourage you to do just that.

Healthy Living Information – Don’t Let Your Choices Lead You Down the Wrong Path

Are you looking for healthy living information that will stay with you? Are you worried that your current lifestyle choices are leading you down the road of heart disease, diabetes or stroke. Are you concerned that you may not be alive long enough to witness your grandchildren? Bellow is some healthy living information that will help you make the long lasting lifestyle choices that will insure a healthy happy long life.

Smoking is the single most preventable cause of poor health and death in this country. If there is one thing that is taken away from this healthy living information is the fact that smoking increases rates of not only lung cancer, but also heart disease and a laundry list of other health complications. So if you are a smoker understand that your life will certainly be cut short from inhaling the toxins contained within tobacco smoke.

Eat healthy! One of the biggest pieces of healthy living information that people can utilize has to do with diet. It can seem overwhelming to search through all the diets that are out there. An easy diet that beginners can easily remember is to eat from the rainbow. Blueberry, pomegranates, kale and other leafy greens, oranges, bananas, the list goes on. For a less demanding diet, simply replace beige foods that tend to be high in carbohydrates and saturated fats with food of every color in the rainbow. Foods like blueberry s and pomegranates are high in antioxidants, Kale, and spinach are high in protein and fiber, oranges high in calcium. You will be surprised how much more of these foods you will be able to eat without gaining weight, because these are the foods that we should be eating. These are the foods that are healthiest for us.

In America on average, we consume two glasses of soda for every glass of milk. By cutting out carbonated soft drinks alone, you are doing your body a huge favor. If you get your energy from caffeinated sodas, you need to continue consuming them throughout the day to avoid energy crashes. All this caffeine wreaks havoc on your nervous system and is an easy way to pack on the pounds. By switching to a lightly sweetened herbal tea, you can decrease the amount of caffeine and sugar that you take in and still get that energy boost that you are looking for. Since caffeine dehydrates your body, for every cup of tea you drink, drink a glass of water in conjunction to get the maximum benefit.

Hopefully this healthy living information will help those of you that are beginning to realize the benefits of taking care of your body today. Who doesn’t want to see their grandchildren grow up?

Healthy Living Starts With Commitment

A recent visit to my personal physician stirred thoughts of what healthy living really means. The focus of this visit, as has been mentioned on the last few visits, was my weight. I told myself a year ago that I was taking it off my goal list. It has been there for a while and I wasn’t doing anything about it. You see, I am a yo-yo dieter. When I am good, I am great. Then I take my eyes off the prize and slide back to where I do not wish to be. Now the reality is staring me in the face. It must be dealt with once and for all. As you read this, you may be thinking, but Dr. Stephanie, you are a doctor. You know the health benefits of maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. Knowing something and doing something about it are two different things.

This morning I woke up early and decided to coach myself back to a healthy lifestyle. Not just with my weight, with life. With my physician, we looked at my weight. Are there other areas of my life that need a fresh look? Are there areas in your life that need a fresh perspective? From time to time we do need to take a step back and evaluate whether the automatic activities we engage in on a daily basis are yielding the results we desire. Or, are there activities we need to modify to yield the results we desire.

Here are a few areas to explore:

1. Are you on track to living a healthy life for 2013? Have you had your age appropriate health screenings? Are you following your doctor’s recommendations?
2. What are some of the stresses in your life? What can you do to decrease the negative affects they have on you?
3. Are you carving out time for fun, rest, relaxation, and exercise?
4. Are you taking the steps to develop a healthy financial life?
5. What religious or spiritual practices can you incorporate into your daily life to support you?

Taking inventory of our lives provides for the opportunity to grow, expand our experiences, and live more abundantly.

Healthy Living begins when you decide to make it a priority in your life. With that one shift in perspective everything is possible. Life comes alive. Now you are directing your actions, rather than your actions directing you.

Three quick tips to directing your actions:

1. Write down what you truly desire in your life. This is not a new strategy, but how many of us really do it.
2. Review your goals every morning at the start of your day. The act of reviewing your goals daily guides your actions.
3. Get support to stay on track. Tell a family member or friend what you want to accomplish so they can help keep you on track. A coach can help you brainstorm ideas, champion you, and hold you accountable for doing what you say you are going to do.

Success in life is possible for anyone once the commitment is there.