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The Mind Also Matters in Healthy Living

Healthy living is not only about tucking into fresh fruits and vegetables, steering clear of junk and processed foods, and hitting the gym every other day. It is also about cultivating a healthy mind. In fact, healthy living starts with a healthy mind.

Get Your Mind Right

Everyone who has ever tried to stick to a diet plan or an exercise regimen will vouch for the truth of the age-old adage that the mind indeed rules over the body. The tenets of healthy living are simple-eat healthy, exercise regularly, and steer clear of vices like smoking and drinking-and there are not many who do not know these. But there are countless many who do not have minds strong enough to coax their body into abiding by these rules.

So, here are some rules that will help you win the mind game:

Don’t let the weighing scale rule you. Losing weight and maintain your ideal body weight are usually the two most important goals of healthy living. But this does not mean that you should let the weighing scale stress you out. Instead attune yourself to the signals that your body sends out-do you feel fresh when you get up in the morning, have your energy levels got a boost after you have switched to a new workout routine, or do you find yourself craving less for sugary snacks after embarking on a new diet plan-and gauge for yourself your health and fitness levels.

Find a way, other than going on an eating binge, to cope with stress. Stress is an inevitable part of our daily lives so it really does not help your healthy living goals if your way of coping with it is to reach out for food. There are countless other ways of coping with stress-talk to a friend when down in the dumps, count your blessings when feeling depressed, or pick up a good read, put on some music that you love, or go for a walk in the park when feeling anxious. These are your ways of training your mind to seek refuge in something other than food.

Egg yourself on. You can be your best motivator; you just need to know how. To not fall short on your motivation levels, first make sure that you are striving for realistic goals-”I will fit into my old jeans by the end of two months” and NOT “I will lose ten pounds 4 days.” Then look for small signs of improvement as you make your way along. For instance, if at the end of two months you find yourself barely managing to squeeze into the pair of jeans, do not mope but instead convince yourself that you are along the right track and if you keep up with the good habits, you will reach your goal in no time at all.

Positive and Rational

Healthy living is all about creating a positive mindset-being optimistic when the odds are low and being strong enough to listen to and steer your body towards healthy living goals that suit you and not what the book says.

Healthy Living and Exercise Reap the Greatest Benefits

Study after study has confirmed that healthy living and exercise can increase your life expectancy. However, it is perhaps more important that they can also improve the quality of your life, particularly during the later years. After all, it is not enough to simply survive for a long time. We want to actually live, possessing good health and remaining active for the entire term.

The greatest single action you can take to improve both the length and the quality of your life is to give up tobacco, especially cigarettes. Smoking takes years off your life, increasing your risk of cancer, osteoporosis, heart attack, and stroke. It can also have significant impact on how well you live. Respiratory problems can leave you unable to walk to your mailbox without gasping for air, or tied to oxygen just to breathe normally.

Exercise and proper diet are also important and often the benefits are so inter-dependent that it is difficult to rank one as more critical than the other. Exercise helps with weight control, but it is beneficial to the respiratory and cardiovascular systems as well. Yet a diet high in fat and cholesterol can undo many of its benefits by leading to clogged arteries and other circulatory issues.

Those at risk for osteoporosis would do well to establish an exercise program. There is no need to join a gym or buy expensive equipment unless you want to do so. Walking is an excellent exercise, and can be done by anyone. If you have been sedentary, start slow. If your limit has been walking down the driveway to the mailbox, tomorrow walk as far as the end of your next door neighbor’s property. Then gradually increase the distance by one house. Before you know it, you will be walking around the block, and then farther.

Proper diet and exercise can reduce your risk for adult onset diabetes. The overwhelming majority of diabetics diagnosed as adults are overweight and led sedentary lifestyles. Many times, diabetes can be controlled simply by losing weight, following a sensible eating plan, and increasing activity levels.

Healthy living and exercise are crucial to having a life that is the best it can be. Goals of increased energy levels, fewer illnesses, and extra years to enjoy your family are best reached by taking steps early. However, it is never too late to make changes that can have significant benefits.

Maintaining a Healthy Living

A truth stands out. This is the fact that the quality of the food that we eat will directly influence the length of our lives. Healthy diets keep the body’s systems functioning the way they are supposed to. They help us feel refreshed and not sickly.

Healthy living is good. Everyone can practice it. There are different interest groups that should take part in healthy living. Everyone has different diet needs. For example, children and the aged would have different needs compared to an adult wrestler. Mothers who are breastfeeding will also require special diet considerations. Different food has different dimensions for growth or weight.

For you to claim that you eat healthy, you have to strike a harmony between fruits, carbohydrate, proteins, vegetables and fat. These are referred to as the five major food groups. Vegetables and fruits should be taken seriously because these are likely to be ignored.

You should not take in too much meat, fish and starchy foods like potatoes. Reduce the intake of these along with all that sugary pastry that you like. Sugar alt and oil needs to be minimized.

You do not have to eat the same stuff every other day. Make sure that you are choosing from a big menu when it is time to eat. Health supplements will also give you those nutrients that you need but lack in your food.

Some people hold a risky opinion that they can shun natural sources of nutrients as long as they take it from capsules and tablets.

For you to be able to monitor and see any changes that are taking place in your body, you need to change your diet slowly instead of suddenly. That way you can know what is effective and what is not.

It is advisable to treat yourself to your favorite snack occasionally. Do not let your body’s cravings be locked out of your life for good. You should pamper yourself to foods that you like at certain reasonable intervals. Avoid eating few but bulky meals. Settle for smaller and more frequent meals.

The whole idea of living healthy is from the fact that you value your body and want to maintain it. Give it first class treatment.